Wine from Piedmont, Italy

Northwest Italy is home to the Piedmont region which is the perfect growing climate for the red Nebbiolo grape. Two red wines that are produced from the Nebbiolo have gained international fame. Both the Barolo and the Barbaresco wines are big and bold. The Nebbiolo perfumes the wine with sweet fruit flavors reminiscent of currant, blackberries, cherries and plums. Therefore, it’s a great choice when paired with strong and flavorful meats and spicy cheeses. While not all of them fall into the winerymost expensive category, they are well worth their price. As hoped for, they get better with age.

Going with Barolo

Made from Nebbiolo grapes, a nice introduction to one of Italy’s best is Beni di Batasiolo Barolo 2000. On from there the Boroli Barolo 1999 is a wine with medium body and milder tannins. Instilled with deep cherry flavor and a soft finish, it has an overall nice balance. While both of those selections are easy to find at about $38, it’s worth stepping it up a bit. A bottle of Beni di Batasiolo Barolo 2007 can cost $48, but what you’ll get is a touch of sweet spice, red ripe fruit and a hint of tobacco. Going with a Barolo that is pricier and harder to find can be well worth the trouble. Take for example the Vietti Barolo Rocche 2000, which sells for $65. Though you will be lucky to find a bottle of it, it is worth the effort. With succulent raspberries boasting of a satin finish, it could be well worth even double the price.

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