Investment in Bordeaux Pays Off


As wine marketers know, there is never a lack of investors lining up to pay high prices for rare or older bottles of fine wine. We were recently reminded of that fact when a case of Château Petrus from 1998 was put up for sale. It tripled in value during the past eight years and broke all records when it sold for £26,822. Looking over the past two decades of wine sales, the 1998 Petrus was the third most expensive. According to Robert Parker’s 100-point scale, it won a rating of 98. At a recent Sotheby’s sale, Bordeaux wines from Petrus were again the top sellers when bottles of a 1990 vintage brought in £25,850. Part of the value of the wine derives from the estate where it was produced, and Château Petrus is one of Bordeaux’s most valuable estates.

Location is Everything

The 28 acres of vineyards at Château Petrus are located in Pomerol, an area in the southwest of France. Holding an international reputation for being one of the world’s best areas to produce wi

that it has earned its international reputation in a relatively short period of time. For instance, until the last century it was barely noticed but now its wines are more expensive than many of the more established Bordeaux, it is not typical of other appellations in Bordeaux. Pomerol does not have its own classification system and it is not one of the wealthy châteaux in the midst of many others. It is unique in

Pomerol is located to the east of Bordeaux on the Dordogne River’s right bank. The highest percentage of grapes grown is Merlot, although there are some Cabernet Franc vines as well. Unlike the other appellations, Pomerol is not named for a town located in its region and it does not have an epicenter.

Other producers taking advantage of Pomerol’s excellent location are Lafleur and Le Pin.

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