Learning to Rate Your Wine

wine tastingInvestment in fine wine purchased strictly for investment might be best handled by an experienced wine merchant, but even so it is important to understand the market and the varieties. A good place to begin learning to appreciate the different types of wine is by learning and tasting. You will not only discover your own palate, or what you like best, but you will understand the qualities to look for in investment wines. While you may not have been born with this talent, you can certainly learn it.

Start with a Sniff

Wine professionals are experienced in sniffing the wine to discern the subtle threads woven into the complex aroma. Your nose is the key here. Just try to hold your nose when swallowing some wine and you’ll notice how muted the flavors are. So how to begin? Begin by stopping everything you’re doing or saying. Shut out any distraction and focus on how the wine looks, how it smells, its

flavor and its finish. It doesn’t take long to make all those notes, but it does require a degree of concentration. In your tasting, choose the wine’s main flavor and the scent in each of the wines. Begin with the basic characteristics, which should include the varietal grapes, and go on to learning to distinguish wines coming from the best wine producing areas of the world. Before long you will be able to tell the good wine from the less desirable.

Wine Regions of the World

After you’ve rated your wine, find out if it is New World or Old World. New World wines comes from one of the newer areas of wine production, including America, Chile and Australia. Old World wines come from areas of the world known for their long histories of producing wine, such as along the Mediterranean or Europe, including Italy, France and Germany.

Whatever you sip, take a minute to learn its history and appreciate its heritage. Whether you are buying to enjoy or for investment, it is worthwhile to pay attention to its complexity and characteristics while savoring the moment.

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