Why 2015 Bordeaux is so Good

Best Vintage Since 2010

It has become clear that the 2015 Bordeaux is one of two things: either very good, or very, very good. These incredible wines are being sold as futures at en primeur and are rumoured to be the best vintage in a decade. What’s more is that all three Bordeaux styles are being hailed as a success – reds, dry whites and sweet whites. This is something that hasn’t happened since 2005. The three that has particularly stood out are: Pessac-Léognan, Saint-Émilion and Margaux.

Near Perfect Conditions

As with all wine, the environment is what makes or breaks a vintage, and 2015 had particularly good conditions. Like 2003, it was dry but it wasn’t extremely hot and it started raining at just the right time in most areas. Because of these perfect harvesting conditions, producers could take their time and most of the Bordeaux wines during this year turned out great. There was one area in which the rain didn’t quite come at the right time, and instead only arrived during the September harvest. Although this wasn’t catastrophic, the wines of Saint-Estèphe and from the north of Pauillac may not be as finely tweaked as they could be. Bear in mind that these wines are still verging on greatness. Unfortunately this also affects the overall score which is why you can rest assured that in reality 2015 is an even greater year than what is rumoured. Ratings aside, this year is an absolute pleasure to drink.

Does This Mean Prices are Sky High?

Just because the year is great, it doesn’t always mean that the vintage will be overpriced. Prices are only decided after the market is assessed by producers which could take days, weeks or months after wines are tasted and reviewed. It is also important to note that although all three styles are being touted as great, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the entire vintage is a success. What this means is by all means, buy some of this highly recommended fine vintage, but do it through a reputable wine broker.

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