About BWC Management & Consulting

BWC Management & Consulting
BWC Management & Consulting

BWC Management & Consulting is an innovative company in the world of fine wine investment. BWC knows their wine and the market in which, in a relatively short of period of time, they have established a solid track record, much to their clients’ satisfaction.

In the current economic climate, it’s increasingly difficult for private and institutional investors to find good returns on their money. Indeed, independent research shows that the fine wine market has been outperforming most other markets for capital growth, seeing an average 20% compound annual growth. Clearly, not everyone can afford a vintage case of Lafite-Rothschild, but there are plenty of good wines achieving very good returns, and BWC believes it has the formula to identify them and acquire or sell them at the best price for their clients.

However, it does require a great deal of knowledge and very practical information and this is where BWC has the strengths to guide its clients to the best Chateaux in Bordeaux and the premier wines most likely to achieve what investors seek. Important as they are, investment in wine requires much more than the use of one’s of smell and taste. BWC Management & Consulting uses quantitative analysis, studies the historic performance of each winery and wine, and draws on extensive data from the wine investment market to achieve the kind of results it has been achieving for its clients.

BWC gets to know each client and their investment needs – not least whether they are seeking a mid- or long-term investment and the level of investment they have in mind, before suggesting the wineries, wines and vintages to make up a strong portfolio that matches the client’s specific needs.

BWC Management & Consulting draws its fine wine investment brokers and dedicated account managers from wine trading, alternative investment markets, as well as the more mainstream financial markets. This mix of skills and acumen allows the company to build a strong and effective portfolio of offerings.

Investing in fine wines requires a sound nose that needs to go to work on well to sell investment wine as much as when to buy it. BWC Management & Consulting only works with suppliers that can verify the authenticity of their stock, proving its provenance and, in most cases, supply the wine in its original wooden cases. They have a tried and tested network of merchants, agents and traders in Europe and the UK – a key asset in being able to give clients timely advice on the purchase or sale of a particular investment wine.

BWC Management & Consulting stores its wines in sleepy Burton-on-Trent, with its picturesque stream floating gently through the village. However, BWC wines are not floating anywhere – they are stored under the exact temperature and humidity they require to mature to perfection in the London City Bonds warehouse, Vinotheque, which has been storing wines under ideal conditions since 1870! It’s an approved storage facility for tax purposes and has all the modern touches of the 21st century, including Internet access and electronic trading facilities.

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